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Job Searching

Today, I come with no excuses as to why I haven’t blogged lately. I am now officially done all of my final projects & exams, which means I’m (almost) a graduate of the Graphic Design – Digital Media program. I have spent the last three years in classes, in co-op, designing, working, living. And now that chapter of my life is over and I am moving on to the next.

Next chapter being to find a big girl job and start the rest of my life. Sadly, I haven’t had much luck so far. A few interviews, but no luck with a job offer. It’s frustrating because I’ve been looking for the past 2+ months, and nada. Some people have said I’m exactly what they are looking for, or that I’m their top candidate… and then I never hear from them again. I send follow up e-mails after interviews, and never hear anything back. Note to anyone who works for a company and is in charge of hiring people: If you get a follow up e-mail, reply back. If you decide not to hire someone, e-mail them to let them know you’ve went with a different candidate. Of the five (I think) interviews I have had so far, only one sent me anything afterwards to say that had picked a different candidate. It sucks to hear, but it is also much better than waiting around for nothing.

Through it all, I’m still trying to stay hopeful. With my co-op, it took awhile to find a job but the wait was so worth it & I found an amazing one. I just graduated, along with hundreds of other graduates in Ontario, so I still have time before I really need to worry. I’m thankful to have Michaels because not only do I have amazing co-workers, but it is also still some form of income, even if I only work four hour shifts. Ah well, gives me more time for quilting & project life. Without school or a full time job, I have finally had time to start my quilt! So far I have only cut my fabric into strips (while binge watching season one of Grey’s Anatomy). Waiting for my white fabric to finish in the washing macine, and I need to pick up some more fabric when I go to Owen Sound this weekend, and then I can start the sewing process! I’ll need lots of luck on that one.

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April 14, 2014 | 1 comment

Dear March

March, I’m not quite sure what to say about you. You were a whirlwind month that overstayed your welcome. You brought truck troubles, lots of schoolwork, and unnecessary arguments. But you also brought along new opportunities, both near and far. I can’t say that I’m sad to see you go because the end of you means I am that much closer to being a college graduate & that is one thing that I simply can not wait for. Oh and March? Thank you ever so kindly for bringing some nicer weather. It took awhile (and you also brought us more snow than necessary for this time of year), but you got the spring ball rolling.

Until next year…

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April Goals

I realize that we are quickly approaching mid-april, and I still haven’t done my goals for April. I have one more exam to write next week, and then I am DONE. No more school for me, ever. If I ever post that I am considering going back to school- show me this post, and tell me not to do it. I’ll hate it. There’s a chance I’ll take an online class here and there, but only ones I can do at my own pace. I much prefer learning on my own, at my own pace, when I’m feeling inspired, than at a set schedule created by my school- especially when they *suck* at making schedules.

So, I’m just now getting to my monthly goals. I’m writing this as I sit on a Toronto bound bus, more than excited to see my Zachary after a long two-weeks apart filled with work, school, stress & more. My march goals were:

1. Start/finish assignments earlier than the night before they are due.
This one was mostly a success, but I had one teacher who kept *not* giving us actual due dates so I’d be scrambling to finish the assignment a few days later. I work MUCH better when I know when things need to be completed by, and isn’t that the whole point of an assignment?

2. Post 1 PL layout per week (or more).
Failed. I did post one, but then school/work/life got in the way and I never found the time to do more. I have two more weeks photographed so I need to get some good lighting to take photos of weeks 6-14.

3. Comment on more blogs, rather than just stalking them.
Also fail. I barely even read any blogs this month because of school. I’d read select posts from bloglovin’ that seemed interesting but for the most part, my feed was over 100 at all times. And I just kept marking them all as read. Sometimes, you just have put other things first.

4. Get my online portfolio finished to a point where I can share the link for possible job opportunities.
Success! This was one goal I really wanted to get done ASAP. You can view it online at www.meredithturner.com & please let me know what you think! I had the lovely Emma Bauso look it over for me before I had it live and she had some amazing suggestions to help me improve it.

5. Spend less money on myself/crafting.
Um, for March.. mostly a success. Good thing this hasn’t been an April goal. Michael’s

& My goals for April:
1. Finish all final projects, exams & pass all courses.
2. Keep applying to jobs & hopefully get a job that really excites me.
3. Clean my room (& especially my bed) now that I have more free time.
4. Read more.
5. Start figuring out how I want to organize all of my Project Life supplies & get a start on setting up my downstairs workspace.

Do you have any goals for the month? Maybe doing some spring cleaning, or getting things organized? Now that I’m done school, I really hope to start posting more often again!

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